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Why Sterlite Copper

Sterlite firmly believes that its professionals are one of its most vital resources. We continually search for people with a passion to excel and an appetite for out of the box thinking. We believe that there are no big or small ideas. All ideas are worth exploring and we provide the breeding ground to nurture them. We foster every employee’s aspiration and encourage them to achieve their professional goals by giving them freedom to innovate and maximize their potential in a manner they see most fit.

Employer of Choice

With competitive compensation packages, positive and productive work environments and challenging assignments the company is committed to being the employer of choice by attracting and retaining the best of professionals. We believe in giving an opportunity for every voice to be heard because you never know where or whom the next big idea may come from.

Visually Impaired: 141 Hearing Impaired: 66 Color Blindness: 258