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Our business unit consists of Copper Smelter, Refinery, Sulphuric acid plant, Phosphoric acid plant, and Copper Rod plant at Tuticorin in southern India and a Refinery and two Copper Rod plants at Silvassa in western India.



Copper concentrates from copper mines is blended with bought out concentrates from other sources and treated to get optimum results. The Smelter is based on a proven energy efficient and environment friendly technology, viz. IsaProcess™ from MIM, Australia, world leaders in Copper smelting technology.

The ISA™ furnace is a vertical shaft type furnace completely lined with refractory into which wet copper is charged along with quartz and limestone into the molten bath. In the process, Copper Concentrate gets converted into two products-Matte, a mixture of sulphide (containing copper and iron), and Slag (Iron Silicate). The mixture of Matte and Slag is then taken