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Employee Practices

At Sterlite, we offer employees much more than just a job. We believe that our success is due to the dedication, passion and determination of our human capital. We are committed towards providing a competitive, rewarding and safe environment to our employees to unleash their potential to the optimum level and work on a win-win scenario.

First Career Episode: At Sterlite Copper we endeavor to provide all our new recruits with the best on-boarding/induction experience. Upon joining the company, the employees have a safety briefing session which is mandatory. The induction typically begins with an interaction with the members of the senior management and serves as a platform to outline the organizational culture, values, practices and operating philosophy. During the 2 week schedule, the employees get an exposure on all the facets of our business and organization through sessions with the various departmental and functional heads. The induction includes classroom sessions coupled with plant visits.

777: This is a forum where the Head HR of Sterlite Copper meets the new recruits and transfer-ins from other group companies. This happens after their 7th day, 7th week & 7th month of joining the organization. The objective of meeting new recruits thrice is to assess the activities of the various departments in order to gain insights into areas for improvement as well as to identify strengths that can be built upon.

V Connect: V-Connect is a pan Vedanta initiative that enables the vision to “Create an engaged workforce which delivers sustainable business performance across Vedanta”. All the identified high potential employees are placed under the guidance of an anchor who will be a senior management employee.

Voice of Women (VOW): VOW is an annual in-house magazine exclusively for women employees at Sterlite Copper. They express their thoughts, talents and share their knowledge through this magazine. This also improves the engagement level of women employees.

Suraksha Bandhan: Contract employees are our integral business partners and they play a major role in the business performance. Monthly Business Partner reviews are held to assess the performance of the various contractors. They form the major workforce of the organization. The Suraksha Bandhan initiative ensures that their needs are well taken care of. As part of the initiative, Sterlite Copper employees make a visit to the contract employee’s houses to receive their feedback/suggestions and to get a feel of their pulse. The objective is to better understand how Sterlite Copper can cater to their needs and contribute towards a wholesome employee experience for them.

Industry-Institute Partnership: This initiative is to attract the right pool of talent by enhancing the employability skills of college students. This Memorandum of Understanding is signed with regional colleges where the syllabi for diploma and certificate courses provided in there are drawn up in consultation with our organization and industry experts. This makes the students industry-ready and helps us absorb them into the work directly. The course content also includes soft skills development for students to equip them with the flair and confidence required to face the campus placements.

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