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As a leading copper producer of India we work with large numbers of suppliers across the globe.


Sterlite Copper operates a 400,000 Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) Copper Smelter with associates facilities such as Refinery and Copper Rod Plant, Sulphuric Acid plant of more 12,00,000 MTPA and a Phosphoric Acid of 220,000 MTPA at Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper also operates a 160 MW coal based power plant in Thoothkudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper has two units in Silvassa in the Union Territory of Daman & Diu where it operates a Refinery and two Copper Rods Plants (one in Chincpada and another in Piparia).

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For support & suggestions, Write to us in : vhelp@vedanta.co.in

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