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Sterlite celebrates milestone of 1 lakh trees planted under Pasumai Thoothukudi green project

  • A Tamil debate was also organized by the company to mark the milestone
  •  Over 200 community members participated in the event

October 19, 2021, Thoothukudi: Pasumai Thoothukudi is a flagship program under the Muthucharam Initiative of Sterlite Copper. The vision behind this initiative is to plant 1 million tree saplings and make Thoothukudi one of the greenest cities within Tamil Nadu, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a sustainable environment and encouraging wider biodiversity.

To celebrate the significant milestone of reaching 1 lakh trees planted across Thoothukudi, an event was organized at the Sterlite Copper township, featuring a debate on the topic, “Who is more responsible to maintain a sustainable environment? The people or the society?” The participants highlighted the importance of grassroots efforts in encouraging biodiversity and how initiatives such as Pasumai Thoothukudi would only thrive with community participation. They agreed that environmental conservation and sustainable development was a shared effort that needed the inputs and contributions of all sections of society to be a lasting success.

Over 200 stakeholders from various walks of life attended the event, including vendors, contract association groups, lawyers, doctors, panchayat leaders, villagers, and company employees. Our Chief Operating Officer, A. Sumathi addressed the attendees with the keynote speech, thanking them for their contribution to a noble cause and exhorting those present to participate wholeheartedly in the other key projects of Project Muthucharam.

Encompassing 6 key initiatives identified and designed in close consultation with the local community, the Muthucharam project also serve 6 key Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN namely, Quality Education (Tamira Vidhyalaya School and Scholarships), Good Health and Wellbeing (Health Care Unit), Gender Equality (Women Development Resource Centre), Clean Water and Sanitation (Tamira Surabhi – Water Supply for nearby villages) Decent work and Economic growth (Youth Skilling Programs) and Climate Action (Pasumai Thoothukudi – planting 1 million trees).

Ms. Sumathi also highlighted the Biodiversity Park concept being driven by Sterlite Copper, which will be successfully implemented subsequent to the restart of the plant operations. The aim behind this initiative would be to conserve biodiversity for the welfare and wellbeing of the community.

All the community members and partners who helped reach this milestone were felicitated during the program. The sapling marking the 1 lakh milestone was handed over to Mr. Sonai, President, Tamil Nadu Nursery Association, by Ms. Sumathi. Sterlite Copper management,

including Chief Human Resources Officer M Sakthivel, CSR Head A. Sarvesan, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kailasam was also present on the occasion.

Thus, the aim to spread awareness about a sustainable environment through our Pasumai Thoothukudi initiative was indeed a success. We hope to improve the livelihood and touch more people through our community initiatives thereby also maintaining a sustainable environment in and around Thoothukudi.

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