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Sterlite Copper Dedicates 32 Acre Biodiversity Park to Thoothukudi

Thoothukudi, May 28, 2023 — Sterlite Copper, the leading sustainable copper producer, dedicated its state-of-the-art Biodiversity Park in the Thoothukudi campus on the occasion of international day for Biodiversity. The park “Muthu Nagar Palluyir Poonga” biodiversity park is based on the theme of International Biodiversity Day 2023 – From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity.

The park was inaugurated by the Forest man of TamilNadu,  Mr. Saravanan, who has the distinction of converting  100 acres of  barren tract near Puducherry to a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest. He said in the inaugural address, that all Panchayats should strive to have green cover upto 35% of its area wherein the panchayat leaders could play a significant role in building a green and sustainable future.

The event hosted by the company was also graced by Mr. Bala Subramanian, Panchayat president of Therku Silukanpatti Panchayat and Mr. Nalla Thambi , a key elite person from Saminatham were the Guest of Honours.

Sterlite Copper has collaborated with renowned environmental experts, conservationists, and local communities to design and implement the park’s infrastructure and restoration programs. The company will deploy cutting-edge technologies to ensure sustainable water management, waste disposal, and energy conservation within the park premises.

The Biodiversity Park will span over 32 acres of lush greenery, providing a sanctuary for various flora and fauna indigenous to the area. The main focus of the park is to establish “Inthinai” Park (Kurinchy, Mullai, Marutham , Neithal and Paalai) , Establishment of floral species mentioned in ancient Tamil Literatures before 4000 years ago. Also, focused to conserve “Big leaf mahagony” trees that support climate change action by emiting Di methyl sulphide in the atmosphere. Also, the park will house RET Conservatory, Herbal Garden, Bonsai Garden , Lotus pond, Natchathira Vanam etc. The Biodiversity park will become the pride of Thoothukudi district and TamilNadu.

This initiative showcases Sterlite Copper’s holistic commitment to environmental conservation with the objective of enhancing  the ecosystem. Pasumai Thoothukudi is the first ever project of Thoothukudi district for the enhancement of forest coverage of Thoothukudi district from 5.25% to 14%. Through this initiative, Sterlite Copper aims to plant 10 lakh trees covering 4000 acres in Thoothukudi to make it one of the greenest cities. So far Sterlite Copper under this initiative has planted 1.26 lakh trees covering 400 acres.

One of the species “Prosopis Juliflora” which has been an environmental threat was uprooted in about 400 acres and tree plantation drive was carried in various places.

Since inception, the company is focusing on various Biodiversity enhancement projects such as Water channel cleaning activities which support Srivaikundam area farmers, pond desilting projects in nearby villages for ground water quality enhancements along with Biodiversity enhancements in the region.

Ms. Sumathi A, Chief Operating Officer at Sterlite Copper, expressed her enthusiasm for the new Biodiversity Park, stating, “We are delighted to unveil this magnificent Biodiversity Park, which embodies our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. At Sterlite Copper, we believe that sustainable development and ecological conservation must go hand in hand. This park will serve as a living testament to our dedication to the local community and the environment. She further said, “The Muthu Nagar Palluyir Poonga” will also serve as an educational and recreational hub, offering a host of engaging activities for visitors. Nature trails, guided tours, and interactive workshops will be organized to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation, environmental sustainability, and the importance of responsible copper smelting practices,” She added.

The establishment of the Biodiversity Park aligns with Vedanta’s broader sustainability goals, including reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and promoting community well-being. The company remains dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with local stakeholders and investing in environmentally conscious initiatives to create a better and greener world.

Sterlite copper will focus on 33% forest coverage in all the 403 Gram panchayat in Thoothukudi district. Any panchayat, NGO, Environmentalist is ready to join for the holistic development of Thoothukudi district can contact by + 91 8870477985/ Sterlite.communication@vedanta.co.in.


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