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Sterlite Copper donates critical equipment to Thoothukudi Government Hospital

  • Contributes two items of essential medical equipment and a dietary support machine for providing vital care to patients

Thoothukudi, July 22, 2020: A key element central to the ongoing fight against COVID-19 is to ensure that the immunity levels of patients and their care-givers are kept at optimal levels.

This in turn requires that they have access to an ample amount of good nutrition.

Recognising this need, Sterlite Copper came forward to donate a Semi-Automatic Chappathimaking machine worth INR 3.5 lakhs to the Thoothukudi Government Hospital, the primary healthcare provider in the district. This machine is capable of producing upto 36000 chappathis in a day, and thus will prove crucial towards ensuring that the nutritional requirements of the staff and patients are adequately met.

This donation closely follows two other recent contributions by the company to the Thoothukudi Government Hospital, namely an Ultrasound Machine for the Maternal & Child Health Block and an Echocardiogram with Colour Doppler (ECG) machine for the Cardiology Department. Cumulatively, equipment worth INR 21 lakhs has been donated to the hospital within the past few months, towards ensuring broader healthcare for the people of Thoothukudi.

On the occasion of International Doctor’s Day (July 1), these contributions were officially recognised and inaugurated in a ceremony today, attended by Mr. Pankaj Kumar, CEO, Sterlite Copper and Dr. Revathi Balan, Dean of Thoothukudi Medical College.

Expressing his admiration of the efforts made by the hospital staff, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, CEO said “The last few months have underscored the constant struggles and sacrifices undertaken by the global medical community in battling COVID-19. Through these contributions, we hope to convey our appreciation and respect for the continued efforts of our honoured caregivers.”

Sterlite Copper has been a consistent partner of the healthcare initiatives undertaken by the

Thoothukudi Government Hospital. Previously, the company has sponsored construction of the Ground & First floors of the hospital’s new Paediatric Block, donated 400 cots with mattresses, and also contributed two RO units for the overall benefit of patients and staff. The company has also planted 175 saplings across the hospital and college premises as part of an extensive, district-wide drive to increase green cover, and continues to maintain them as well.

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