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Sterlite Copper Inaugurates Logistics Skill Development Centre in Thoothukudi

  •  Aims to benefit the youths of Tuticorin through Logistic Training Session under various batches which will generate employment.
  • India’s logistics sector employs over 22 million people directly. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10 per cent which will generate more jobs in the near future.

December 27, 2021, Thoothukudi: Tamira Muthukkal, one of the flagship project under the Muthucharam Initiative launched by Sterlite Copper aims to provide skill training modules on various courses to benefit the youths of Thoothukudi in order to seek gainful employment. Similarly, a new skill centre has been launched keeping logistic trade as the prime focus, aiming to target more than 100 people through 2 batches over a period of 3-month session. The session will be focused on Inventory Clerk training which will help the youth to gain immense knowledge in same domain, thereby generating meaningful employment opportunities. India’s logistics sector employs over 22 million people directly. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10 per cent which will generate more jobs in the near future.

Earlier this year, Sterlite had already launched a skill centre which focused on 5 trades which have been identified as priority areas via the Skill Gap Assessment Report of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Similarly, keeping in mind the benefits to the youth, Sterlite Copper has launched a new Skill Development Centre, aimed at offering skill-based training modules to the youths in and around Thoothukudi.

The centre is supported by the Vedanta Foundation, which has been actively involved in making education and skill development available and accessible to all. The major thrust of its projects are focused on making people self-reliant by providing them opportunities related to livelihood and employment.

Since 1992, the Vedanta Foundation has been helping create livelihood opportunities through its skill development centres. So far, the organisation has trained over 12 lakh youths across 180 Vedanta Rojgaar centres spread across the country. It is now launching 101 new centres in 2021-22, with the very first one being inaugurated in Thoothukudi today in association with Sterlite Copper. The new centre will leverage the Foundation’s deep expertise in the domain of skill training and help unlock fresh opportunities for youths in Thoothukudi.

To begin with, training session on Inventory Clerk will be conducted over a period of 3 months and already 50 young minds have registered for the same. The training session will also touch upon the communication skills which will act as a catalyst and help the youth to have a more

positive approach overall. They will be supported in getting appropriate job placements, with company committing to finding employment for at least 70% of the participants.

Thus, we remain dedicated towards building a positive growth of the local community and are committed to improve the livelihood of the people of Thoothukudi and transform their lives through our community initiatives, thereby maintaining a sustainable environment in and around Thoothukudi.

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