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Sterlite Copper ramps up efforts to battle COVID-19

  • Employees raise INR 15 lakhs to help support local sanitation and health workers
  • Company has partnered with SHGs to manufacture and distribute hygiene items
  • INR 5 crores donated to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund

Chennai, April 17, 2020: At a time when COVID-19 cases are steadily on the rise, various individuals and companies have responded by pooling their resources to help control the pandemic, supplementing initiatives undertaken by the Government of India.

Taking this spirit of cooperation further, the employees of Sterlite Copper have voluntarily donated their one-day’s salary to support health and sanitation workers in Thoothukudi. Their combined efforts have helped raise a total amount of INR 15 lakhs.

On the ground, the company has tied up with 10 Self Help Group (SHG) partners comprising 150 members to manufacture and distribute masks and personal hygiene items across 20 villages in Thoothukudi, towards implementing proactive safeguards against the virus.

Already, about 30000 masks (out of a total target of 50000) have been distributed to 5200 households in the district, and also to truck drivers operating in the district. In addition, 1300 litres of liquid handwash, 13000 bars of soap and 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer have been provided to them as well.

Sterlite Copper has also distributed 200 sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for the use of frontline health workers at the Tuticorin Medical College Hospital and Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. The company is now in the process of securing an additional 200 sets of PPEs for use by healthcare personnel.

Further, disinfectants such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Bleaching Powder along with appropriate disinfecting tools have been distributed across villages, positively impacting around 2 lakh people through pre-emptive actions.

Sharing his thoughts on the initiative, Pankaj Kumar, CEO, “Battling the COVID-19 virus will require a coordinated effort from all sections of society, as it is something that affects all of us. Undertaking these initiatives has been our small way of helping alleviate the hardships caused in our partner communities by the ongoing pandemic. We are constantly looking for further opportunities to support efforts by the government and civic society.”

In addition to the above initiatives, the company has also contributed INR 5 crores to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund.

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