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Update on Oxygen Plant continuity

As per the Hon’ble Supreme Court Bench’s order on April 27, 2021, we have completed the 3-month duration granted by the Bench to operate our oxygen plant in Thoothukudi until July 31, 2021.

The oxygen plant will commence shutdown today in order to allow enough time for the defrosting process before the date indicated by the Supreme Court. Our application for extension of the facility for a period of 6 months, is listed to be heard by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on August 6, 2021.

To date, we have been able to supply 2132 MT and 7833nm³ of high purity, medical-grade oxygen to 32 districts in Tamil Nadu. We have a stock of 134 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen within our plant premises, and are optimistic of further orders from the Supreme Court on resuming production.

We have also requested the State government to allow us 2MW of power supply, which will be used to keep the oxygen plant in standby condition and will also be essential in dispatching the stock of oxygen remaining at our plant.

We are grateful to the Court, Centre, State and District authorities for aiding our efforts during this time.  In view of the continuing uncertain situation, we stand prepared to resume oxygen production as and when directed by the Court.

Visually Impaired: 141 Hearing Impaired: 66 Color Blindness: 258