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Vendor Policy


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General Terms and Conditions – Procurement 1.09 MB
General Terms and Conditions – Services 938.21 KB
EPC General Terms Conditions 1.21 MB
Terms and Conditions – Transport 1.47 MB
Supplier and Contractor Management Policy 4.27 MB
Supplier Code of Conduct 230.24 KB
Modern Slavery Act Requirements 460.92 KB

Safety Policies

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Fleet Management 1.31 MB
Work at Height 817.73 KB
Lock-Out / Tag-Out (LOTO) 1.15 MB
Machinery Guarding 1.88 MB
Incident Reporting, Classification and Investigation 374.67 KB
Risk Assessment 708.34 KB
Safety Clause for Contractors 730.09 KB
Emergency and Crisis Management 322.02 KB
Safety Management 457.44 KB

Supplier Manual

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