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Pre Requisites

Pre-requisites to submit tenders online

  • You should have internet connectivity, preferably broadband.
  • Preferred Web Browser : Internet Explorer (Version 7.0 or above)
  • You should have a valid User ID and password to access SIIL e-Procurement site.
  • In case you are already a registered vendor with SIIL having a vendor code, you should login to ‘registration of supplier’ by updating all the mandatory details asked for.
  • If you are a new supplier to SIIL and interested in participating in SIIL eTender(s) then,
    1. Please click on “Registration of Supplier – SRM” available in SIIL e-procurement web site.
    2. Fill & submit the form provided on the link.
    3. You will receive a questionnaire by email as an attachment.

Supplier Manual

Contact US

Contact Details

For support & suggestions, Write to us in : vhelp@vedanta.co.in

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